Testing display of HTML elements

This is 2nd level heading

This is 3rd level heading

This is 4th level heading

This is 5th level heading
This is 6th level heading

This is a normal paragraph (p element).
To add some length to it, let us mention that this page was
primarily written for testing the effect of user style sheets.
You can use it for various other purposes as well, like just checking how
your browser displays various HTML elements by default.
It can also be useful when testing conversions from HTML
format to other formats, since some elements can go wrong then.


  1. One.
  2. Two.
  3. Three. Well, probably this list item should be longer. Note that if
    items are short, lists look better if they are compactly presented,
    whereas for long items, it would be better to have more vertical spacing between items.
  4. Four. This is the last item in this list.
    Let us terminate the list now without making any more fuss about it.

Horizontal Line


Sample table: Areas of the Nordic countries, in sq km
Country Total area Land area
Denmark 43,070 42,370
Finland 337,030 305,470
Iceland 103,000 100,250
Norway 324,220 307,860
Sweden 449,964 410,928