Slaking Thirst in Ethiopia

During 2019, Slake Café and our patrons are partnering with Water to Thrive to fund a community water well in Southern Ethiopia. The water well will provide clean safe water to approximately 500 community members who have never enjoyed this blessing before in the history of their village.


How you can help:

  • Buy a cup of any coffee….10 cents goes to the well
  • Buy a pound of our awesome coffee….$4 goes to the well
  • Add $1 to your ticket….100% goes to the well
  • Round up your ticket….100% goes to the well

Let’s fill the jerry can together!


Community Data:

Country: Ethiopia
Region: Sidama (Southern Ethiopia)
Village: Hago
Google GPS: 14.23707, 38.18576
Completed as of December, 2019