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We are in the kitchen cooking the way our grandparents used to do it. Whole roasted meats, sides from fresh vegetables, homemade breads and desserts.

Summer Hours:

Open Monday to Friday 7 am to 4 pm

Wednesday 10/22/14

Entree: Traditional Meatloaf with tomato jam served over buttered potatoes and wilted spinach

Mac of the Day: Chicken Alfredo-chicken and pasta in creamy garlic sauce

Daily Curry: Yellow with your choice of meat or tofu

SLAKEWICH: Italian Meatloaf Sammy-meatloaf, ricotta, marinara, spinach, and parmesan on homemade baguette

Po Boy: Chicken

Soups: tomato basil, Thai peanut chicken

Sides: roasted veggies, roasted potatoes, tx slaw, fruit salad

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Slake Cafe is helping out Austin Film Festival for the next week by keeping their staff well fed! Are you going? ...

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